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Already delivering Cyber Risk and Advisory services? Why not bundle our security awareness offering into your Advisory Program!

Are you a Symbol vCISO Partner?​

vCISO consulting partners are hired as cyber advisors and an extension of the clients technical executive team. Symbol's vCISO consulting partner program provides partners with an easy way to reduce their clients cyber risk, and help them achieve various industry compliances, all with a simple deliverable and great reporting!

Additionally, Symbol's highly automated platform:

  • leverages automation to eliminate countless hours of labor
  • Allows the vCISO to focus on higher value efforts.
  • Reduces the likelihood of human error and enhances accuracy
  • Delivers high quality reporting for your clients

Who is a Symbol vCISO Partner?

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Fractional and Virtual CISO’s

CISOs offer expert guidance and support on a flexible basis, tailored to the organization's needs.

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Security Risk Advisory Firms

Identify, analyze, and manage risks to protect businessses from potential security breaches.

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Technology and Security Auditors

Provide comprehensive assessments and meticulous scrutiny to safeguard clients.

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Serve multiple clients for Security Advisory and Consulting Services.

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IT Security Programs

Recommend and deploy IT Security Programs and Services to companies of all sizes.

Benefits of Symbol vCISO Partnership

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Better Commissions

Referral Commission Program for those that prefer to refer clients.
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Platform Customization

Brandable Security Awareness Training Program.
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Custom Assets

Brandable Marketing Materials and Partner Assets.
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Easy onboarding and no onerous commitments.
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Referral Commissions

Build stronger relationships with our Incredible Partner and Sales Support.
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Symbol’s Bridge Managed Services Program to assist with Program Administration

Why Partner with Symbol?

Symbol Security is a partner-first security awareness SaaS company. With our vCISO Partner Program, you will be able to add immensely valuable security and business risk reduction services to your portfolio giving you another way to drive recurring revenue, and another important service to your clients!
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