Symbol Policy PRO

Symbol Policy PRO allows companies to distribute, track, and capture signature on critical IT Security Policies. Organizations can link training to policies to ensure education is delivered about these critical policies. Help your company stay compliant and reduce risk with Policy PRO!

Policy PRO is the critical link between Policies, Education, and Cyber Risk.

By leveraging Symbol's Policy PRO service, Company and MSP administrators can draft, distribute, and track their employees compliance related to Information Security Policies, while assigning related trainings to those same policies...all in one tool! //
  • customizable spoofs Policy Creation & Modification Tailor your policy templates to the needs of your organization. An intuitive editor makes it possible to make any necessary changes to the version.
  • customizable spoofs Users Trained on Policies Integrating Symbol's training library into your policy distribution efforts is a great way to educate employees on what these policies actually require!
  • customizable spoofs Policy Distribution & Signature Managing the process of Policy sign-off is painful, but Symbol’s Policy PRO makes it simple with e-signature, tracking, and auto-reminders.

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Symbol Policy PRO Benefits

Using the Symbol Application for both the creation and completion of these tasks helps businesses save time and money. It’s well documented that employees rarely read and understand the content of their InfoSec security policies, so as an added benefit, Symbol’s platform can educate employees directly on the policies they’ve just reviewed!

Simplifying and making more effective the process of creating, distributing, and educating on Information Security Policies will save companies time, money, and significantly reduce their risk of data breaches and expensive regulatory fines.

  • Manage your InfoSec Policies
  • Track the distribution and sign-off status of your Policies
  • Creating Workflow for New Hires
  • Provide Audit Proof of Policy Implementation
  • Provide Educational tracks to train on Policies
  • Reward employee behavior through Gamified Experience

Help keep your business Policy-Compliant with Symbol's Cyber Policy PRO!


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