MSSP Partner Program

Our platform, your Brand... YOUR security awareness program!

Are you a Symbol MSSP Partner?

MSSP partners are managed security service providers that deliver security services as part of an overall managed service to their customers. MSSP partners also take 'first call' support from and contract/bill their end customers directly, while Symbol provides support to the MSSP.

  • You need a security awareness training provider that is partner-first!
  • You want to customize and brand your program for your clients.
  • You want to leverage some of your own policies and assets, in addition to Symbol’s.
  • You want to bundle dark web and domain threat services into your program.
  • You need program admin support through Symbol’s bridge managed services.

Why should YOU be a Symbol MSSP Partner?

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Better Pricing

Wholesale Pricing Structure and Aggregated Tiering.
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Single Pane of Glass Management for Limitless Customers.
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Platform Customization

A Brandable Turnkey Security Awareness Training Program.
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Email/Domain Threats

Dark Web and Domain Threat Alerting Services.
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Quick Support

Build stronger relationships with our Incredible Partner and Sales Support.
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Symbol offers M365 and SSO Integrations for MSSP partners.

Why Partner with Symbol?

Symbol Security is a partner-first security awareness training company. With Symbol’s MSSP Partner Program, you will be able to add immensely valuable security awareness training services to your portfolio giving you another way to drive recurring revenue into your business, and a critically important security service to provide to your customers.
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Want to learn more about our Partner Program?

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