Domain Threat Alerts

Symbol’s Domain Threat Alert Service actively monitors your Internet domains for leading indicators of malicious activity. When potential threats are uncovered, Symbol alerts administrators to take action and results are tracked in our dashboards and reports to show progress!

Domain Threat Alerts help administrators focus on the most critical domain imposter threats

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What's included

Spoof Risk Rating of Your Domain

Through a partnership with Allure Security (, we deliver a Risk Rating on your domain that gives a good sense of whether the domain is currently Benign or potentially might be at risk of an Account Take Over (ATO) attempt.

Domain Threat Activity Alerting

How can you get in front of a Domain or Cyber attack BEFORE it happens? Symbols distills millions of bits of information down to the events and information that really matter, so your team can prioritize and act more quickly. Domain Ownership and Email Sending Capability are some of the key indicators identified here.

Parked Domain Risk Assessment

Parked domains are domains not in use today. But, these domains can also be hijacked, and weaponized by Cyber Criminals who use them as a launchpad for cyber attacks. Our technology provides a threat rating to assess the likelihood of a dangerous parked domain.

Typosquat Variant Domain Identification

There are many different ‘variants’ of Domains – some that can fool the naked eye such as transposed letters, different extensions, and replaced letters with numbers or other characters. Symbol assesses all of these potential scenarios and uses proprietary analysis to rate and rank the potential for danger.

How can you get started?

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