Cyber Threat Surveillance

Monitor the Darknet and chat rooms to identify harmful sentiment and potential attacks against your Systems, Brand, and Key Employees.

What is Symbol’s Cyber Threat Surveillance?

Symbol’s Cyber Threat Surveillance offers clients unmatched visibility into the potential for cybercrime and reputation damage by listening for scenarios associated with your most critical assets, like your company brand, company executives, or product names, on an ongoing basis and over a number of communication channels.

Cybercriminals build specific attacks targeted at people or companies, and often there is a build-up to those events. Brands can also be damaged through incorrect or malicious association on the Deep Web, Dark Web, and Social Networks. Symbol's Cyber Threat Surveillance can keep you one step ahead of these crimes!

Symbol’s Cyber Threat Surveillance can help you and your clients defend against:

Social Media Profiling Attacks
Brand Damage
VIP Executive Targeting
Post Breach Activities
Smearing or Slander Campaigns of any kind
Extortion or other misinformation efforts

You can’t fight what you cannot see... start the visibility NOW!

  • customizable spoofs Visibility By gaining equal access to the communication channels that attackers and cybercriminals rely on, you can discover very early whether your organization might be compromised and can take action immediately to prevent or reduce damages.
  • customizable spoofs Distilled data By investing in Symbol’s Cyber Threat Surveillance, you get a distilled and curated data set that prioritizes the most critical matching data from the Deep Web, Dark Web, forums and chat rooms.
  • customizable spoofs Extensive coverage By actively monitoring any suspicious activity on the dark web and chat rooms, Symbol delivers threat detection services so you can take action immediately to prevent security breach or threat, and prepare your company to mitigate damage.

How can you get started?

Reach out to us today and get your business started with Symbol’s Domain Threat Alerts right away.

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